Making the Most of a Trip to Monte Carlo

Located within Monaco, which is a principality, Monte Carlo is a very well known and classy destination, though you would be surprised at how many people do not know that much about it.

Monte Carlo is on the French coast, quite close to Italy’s border. It got its name from Charles III of Monaco when it was founded in 1866. These days, the area is renowned for sporting such as boxing leisure activities, and plenty of luxury. It has become known for poker as well, not to mention other casino games; the Monte Carlo Masters European Poker Tour takes place there, as do the World Backgammon Championships.

The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix takes place there each year as well, and there are many fashion shows too. In addition, there are lots of charming towns located nearby, including Saint Roman, Larvotto, and Saint Michel. There are plenty of resorts and local attractions, ranging from fun activities to cultural sites.

Ibiza, Spain Party Holiday

Ibiza equals night life, party, music, drinks. Ibiza, Spain established a reputation of having the coolest clubs that can satisfy the tireless party ravers.

An Ibiza vacation may serve as the right of passage for young Westerners. If you are coming from the United States you can catch a direct flight to London and hop into the budget carriers which send British party goers to Ibiza. The price is really cheap and it can even be as cheap as the cover charge in of the clubs you will find in the island.

If you plan to go to Ibiza, save what you can save on your transport so you can allocate the money to the pricey Ibiza hotels and accommodations. Be ready to pay about three times the normal mainland rates for a decent bed to crash to after partying all night in Ibiza.

When you are done clubbing, it will also be nice to check out the Sa Penya which is fishing village that gives life to the tourism of the island since the 1960s.