Surviving Bad Cards

The word which can best describe the best strategy in case you get the bad cards is ‘patience’. When you get the cards from live dealer and realize that they too weak to pull off even a small win, you should avoid letting it show on your face. Instead, look at the positive side.

You probably aren’t the only player who is being dealt bad cards at a table with 9 or 10 players; there must be other players on the table who are not in such a strong position themselves. You should focus on what is happening on the table, recognize the game plans of each of the players and try to make most of their weaknesses.

The best way to try a stick it out for the long run in this scenario is to try and steal blinds and the occasional hand in order to make sure your don’t get blinded out and end up having to make a weak decision to have to go all-in.

Try to keep your game tight. Don’t chase the bad cards, don’t make too many bets. Keep a lid on things and don’t let you weakness show. You don’t want to loose portions of your beloved chip stack in an effort to try your luck. There may be another player on the table who will play loose and bet on the bad cards, but don’t be tempted, you are not that strong either.

Think of strategy. The thinking should be done with the cards and the size of your chip stack in mind. Normally, the larger the size of your chip-stack, them more risks you can take. But in case you have a weak hand, you will not want to lose your chips why taking too many unnecessary risks.

This makes the strategy all the more important. Act normal, keep your emotions inside. In case the other players get an idea of you weakness, they will not waste a second before trying to exploit it.

If you think that with progress of the game, better cards are going to come to you and improve you hand, hang on in there. And don’t only think about the strength of your hand. While you are sticking in there, playing it tight, keeping an eye on the cards that others are being dealt is essential.

As I said before, games are meant to be driven by luck and there are times when you cannot do anything but loose. But presence of mind and an intelligent strategy can make you loose the minimum and keep you fit (financially) for the coming games.