Taking A Boston Vacation!


When you think about it, you do not have to go overseas in order to find some of the very best vacation destinations.  For example, Boston is actually a fantastic place to take a vacation and it blends old world beauty with modern conveniences.  The buildings in Boston are absolutely breathtaking and I have to say that it is pretty close to everything.  Just an hour and a half by the train and if you want to drive – it’s only about three hours.

New Hampshire is also extremely close and so is Rhode Island, both of which are fantastic places to visit while you are on vacation and of course – there are renowned academic traditions in Boston.  Ghosts and harbor cruises along with some beautiful New England countryside is all mixed into Boston.

So if you want beauty – and New England style all rolled into one vacation, Boston has you covered!

Fall Vacations: Where To Go!

With Labor Day being today, it is sure fire that the kid’s are going back to school and fall is here.  Already, people are deciding not to go on vacation any longer and are settling in for the long winter, however have you ever taken an autumn vacation?  There are some beautiful sights to be scene and that is exactly what we are going to explore because everyone should take a fall vacation at least once in their life!

Firstly, Vermont is one of the best places to go – not only are the fall colors absolutely breathtaking but Vermont is one of those places that you can truly fall in love with.  Maine is another place that has breathtakingly beautiful autumn colors.  People flock from New York just to see the beautiful colors and so should you!

Finally, Boston is beautiful in the fall – or even MA in general.  New England or anything on the east side of the country is worth the drive – totally!